Hair Health/Growth

Promoting Hair Growth and Healthy Hair


  • Multiple B complex vitamin

  • Biotin (5mg)

  • - Mane Magic Hair Tonic

*usually only 1 capsule/dose for each of these

Extra Support

  • EPA-DHA(omega-3)

  • Biosil

*Try to get supplements that are a practitioner grade (i.e. Thorne, Gaia Herbs, Nordic Naturals, Pure Encapsulations, Metagenics)

  • Can order practitioner grade online through the company or get it from a chiropractor etc who stocks it

  • If you cannot afford practitioner grade or dont have anyone to get them from just do your research and try to find the best brand at Sprouts or health food store

  • Eat cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, colorful vegetables(try to eat all different colors of food each day)

  • Ones I’ve found that assist best for hair growth are brussel sprouts, kale, spinach

    • Aim for 5-9 cups of fruit/vegetables

Castor Oil-apply directly to wet/dry hair making sure to get on scalp

-can be used on eyelashes, brows or mustaches/beards for men with patching problems

-is rich in ricinoleic acid (fights inflammation)

-protects against hair loss

-Enhances the health of the hair follicles and promotes hair growth(as well as protect against hair loss)

Rice Water

*balances pH of hair

*contains Vitamins C, B, E, rich in minerals, and amino acids

*helps promote cell regeneration

-hair growth

-protects hair from damage

-cures dandruff

-promotes shin and sleekness


  • Rinse rice (1-2 cups), add 2-4 cups of water

  • Soak rice for 20-30 minutes

  • When it smells sour stop, strain, and allow it to cool, then put in fridge to keep fresh

  • Rinse with rice water after regular shampoo in place of conditioner

Brazilian Blowout

  • Liquid keratin formula

  • Smooths cuticle and bonds to hair

  • Forms a protective layer and coats each strand, limits external damage from heat hard water etc

  • Almost completely eliminates frizz, cuts drying time in half, decreases unwanted curl/wave, decreases need to use a straighten etc

*Get a wet Brush: Having a good quality brush that does not damage your hair is essential. This brush eliminates the need to yank and pull on your hair to get knots out(Can get this product through me)

Too Much Protein: Over keratinizing your hair is hard to do but it can happen especially with blondes. If you use several products with Keratin in them every time you wash your hair, the keratin will start to build up and become too heavy on your strands. Eventually the hair will break and become dry and brittle. A little protein for your hair can be very helpful, but remember to always use it in moderation. Protein can be listed using many different names so make sure you do your research!

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR RINSE and/or Clarifying Shampoo

  • This helps clarify your hair and strip product and build up of hard water etc

  • This allows good products to penetrate the hair better when it doesn’t have to go through layers of buildup

  • Helps reduce split ends and makes the hair lighter and not so weighed down

  • Helps with frizz/makes hair super soft

Scalp Scrubber

  • Helps stimulate growth and what rid of dead skin, plus helps hair be washed more efficiently

Leave in Conditioner/Masks

  • Leave in conditioner every time you wash your hair to help get out tangles

  • Mask once a week or once every other week

    • Message me for my favorite recommendations

*Don’t wash your hair everyday, the natural oils help your hair heal and stay hydrated

HAIR THICKENER *makes 8-10 times worth * can be applied 3 times a week

  • 3 tablespoons jojoba oil

  • 3 tablespoons grapeseed oil

  • 30 drops pure cedarwood essential oil

  • 30 drops rosemary essential oil

  • 30 drops pure sage oil

  1. In a glass jar combine jojoba and grapeseed oils & add essential oils

  2. Seal jar with lid and shake until blended

  3. Apply generously to hair, wet or dry

  4. Leave in hair for at least 20+ minutes(can also apply it before bed and leave in overnight-make sure to line your pillow or wear a shower cap)

  5. Rinse/shampoo as usual


  • Drugstore brands strip your natural oils and proteins and have very harsh chemicals in them

  • It will be extremely hard to get your hair to grow if you do not use professional hair care

  • This does not mean a lot of money, there are professional brands that are very reasonably priced (message me for specific brands if you’re on a budget)

*See my highlight on Why You Should Buy Local from a licensed professional or salon